Expert Survey Programming

Research For Good’s survey programming team has experience in online market research as well as in multiple programming packages, which are leveraged to support specific client requirements. Our programmers are proficient in Confirmit and Decipher/Beacon. Need your survey programmed in another tool? Ask us.

Our programmers work closely with you and our project managers to ensure that deliverables meet or exceed your expectations.

The team is experienced in JavaScript, ASP, and programming components in Flash. They can also add media stimuli to the survey such as images, audio and video files; can program multi-lingual studies and questionnaires with complex logic.

Capabilities include:
  • Complex Skip Patterns
  • Highly customized error messages
  • Complicated Quotas
  • Translation of survey into various languages
  • Data exports in various formats
  • Powerful real time/online reporting.
  • Pass-back linkage allowing clients to match respondents to their panel

We also provide survey fielding, monitoring, and data handling services along with the survey scripting service.

Quality Assurance procedures that take place after survey programming are:
  • Validating survey text against the questionnaire
  • Checking survey logic
  • Checking quota allocation
  • Ensuring that all images and media appear correctly
  • Cross check survey performance/appearance on different web browsers
  • Preparing custom test scenarios and plans for complex surveys

We can also perform QA checks for projects that are not programmed by our service team.

Give us a try on your next project, you’ll love working with us, and feel GOOD about doing so!

Programming, Hosting & Sample Packages

Research For Good is the one good partner you need for all of your online quantitative market research data collection. In addition to the respondents you know and love, we can now also take care of your programming, hosting and data tabulation allowing you to work with one trusted partner for your entire data collection. We can custom package our P&H capabilities to suit your survey, or you can select one of our incredible Off-The-Shelf packages below.

Programming And Hosting Package 1
Programming And Hosting Package 2
Programming And Hosting Package 3
See Terms and Conditions below.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Pricing inclusive of survey programming/hosting/sample mgmt and data file delivery.
  • Applicable for Standard Programming services only (basic loops, routing, and programming logic).
  • Promotional offer is valid on any U.S. projects commissioned and launched prior to December 31st, 2017.
  • Includes partial and final data files.
  • Online real time portal access.
  • Includes standard changes/additions anything above 20% of survey changes needs to be assessed on an ad hoc basis.
  • Turnaround times: Packages 1 and 2: 1-2 Days, Package 3: 2-3 days (for programming).