Everytime a respondent completes one of your surveys through Research For Good, they not only get their own personal reward, but also a charitable donation is made by us on their behalf. This 1 for 1 donation model is one of our founding principles and something we are extremely proud of. So far, we have raised over $600,000 for great organisations like Action Against Hunger. With our Charity Of The Year initiative, YOU are able to decide which organisation will receive our charitable funds. Nominate now for 2019’s Charity Of The Year!

Read more about our mission.

Read more about our work with AAH.

Phase 1 focuses on charitable categories. So get nominating below! In the form below, you can select which type of charity you would like to see receive our charitable funds. Simply choose the category from the drop-down menu, enter your name plus corporate email*, and you can enter a specific charity you would like to support, then submit. Alternatively, If you love what we have achieved with Action Against Hunger and want to continue to support their great cause, you can select to stay with them through the form too.

See below for guidelines.

Phase 2 goes live in September where you will be able to vote for specific charities based on the category that receives the most nominations during phase 1! Make sure you keep up-to-date by following us on Twitter & Linked In!


  1. This is not a competition. There is no prize to be won. There is not a winner selected at the end of the Research For Good Charity Of The Year incentive.
  2. The 2018 Charity Of The Year incentive for Research For Good is split into two “Phases”: Phase 1 starts June 4th, 2018, lasts for 8 weeks and ends on August 5th, 2018. Phase 2 starts September 3rd, 2018, lasts 8 weeks and ends November 4th, 2018.
  3. During Phase 1, the nominator must complete the form with their full name, authentic email address and their chosen charity category. Alternatively, the nominator can also suggest we continue our mission with Action Against Hunger. The nominator can also suggest a chosen charity that is close to their heart, which we will consider for Phase 2. See below.
  4. A Market Research, Advertising or Marketing corporate email address is required to vote. Any votes received from web-based email accounts including, but not limited to, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook or AOL etc will not be counted.
  5. The charity categories are Animal, International, Education, Environmental, and Health.
  6. Research For Good will select three charitable organizations based on the charity category with the most nominations during Phase 1. These three charities will be the focal point of Phase 2. The aim is to select charities that are based in the USA but operate globally.
  7. During Phase 2, the nominator must complete the form with their full name, authentic email address and select their chosen charity from the options given. Alternatively, the nominator can select that Research For Good keeps Action Against Hunger as their chosen charity partner.
  8. Only one nomination per email per phase. The same email can make one nomination in both phases.
  9. Any duplicate nominations in a phase will be deleted with that email address’s original entry being the only one accepted.
  10. Any person or charity thought/discovered to be purposefully making duplicate/false/spam nominations during any phase will have all of their nominations deleted and may risk that charity being removed from consideration.
  11. Research For Good reserves the right to alter these guidelines at any time.